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Phone:  1.800.667.7590 Option 2. To provide further relief for Saskatchewan employers, the WCB is: Employers that are able to make premium payments are encouraged to do so. There are options available where requested for employers to set up regular payment plans as another mechanism to avoid interest. See our finance offering below – if you’re not sure which product is right for your school, then get in touch with one of our expert advisers who will be happy to discuss your specific requirements and determine the best option. As our offices are currently closed to the public, we encourage employers to sign up for a WCB online account. Revise and communicate revised payroll estimates to the Saskatchewan WCB. These cookies do not store any personal information.

The annual EPS can be sent in online. Employers who have reduced their workforce are encouraged to submit revisions to their 2020 assessable payroll estimates, which will be used to recalculate their required premiums. Employers will not be liable for any outstanding WCB premiums the contractor owes. Hidden Rows - The columns on the right side of the table contain sub-rows that are hidden from view initially (for screen space constraints). As schools continue to grow in their use of technology, we are sure that our solutions will continue to evolve and support them as they adapt to the ever-changing requirements of the finance sector. Forgive interest and penalties for late payments applied in the month of March.

These additional rows can be revealed by selecting the Expand Row icon (the right-facing triangle ). © Copyright 2020 WCBS | All Rights Reserved. Payroll Tax Cut Means More Money In PaychecksThe tax package signed by President Obama in December includes a two-percent cut in payroll taxes. Partial cost relief will be provided in situations where COVID-19 has created a delay in recovery from a work related injury. * This feature is planned for an upcoming release * - Use this cell to specify if WCB payments are to be made using electronically using the EFT procedure. The available options are; Remit Monthly, Remit Quarterly, and Remit Annually. The WCB would also like to extend thanks to all employers who have continued to work with the WCB through the COVID-19 pandemic. The easiest way to do this is through your WCB online account (information on setting up a WCB online account is included at the bottom). Working Outside Manitoba but Within Canada To report payroll for workers outside of Manitoba but within Canada, contact the WCB in the province or territory where they will be working to determine your responsibility. WCBS was first established as a supplier of finance software designed solely with independent and international schools in mind – so we fully understand the importance of accurate and consistent financial management. Yes. Prioritizing employer payroll revisions to help employers reduce their premiums. It is against the law to avoid registering with us. Clearance letters will continue to be available to employers that meet certain criteria, even in cases where the contractor’s WCB account has not been paid. No costly printing and time-consuming distribution, nor the security risks of sending by email, post or pigeon hole. Visit the Button Descriptions help page to view detailed descriptions of every button that appears on your screen (whether in the Button Bar at the top of the table, or in the table itself). The WCB recognizes that COVID-19 has affected employers differently. Therefore, to provide further relief for all Saskatchewan employers, penalties and interest charges for late premium payments will be waived effective March 1 until July 31, 2020. My expected payroll for 2020 is significantly changed from when I submitted my EPS. If you do not agree to the terms and conditions listed below and elsewhere on this website, you should discontinue access or use of this site. Join hundreds of independent schools who trust WCBS to deliver their finance software and ensure your bursary, payroll and HR departments continue to effectively manage finances throughout your school. Multiple rates can be added as sub rows using the New button at the top of the screen. An Employer’s Payroll Statement (EPS) is used to report your business’s actual wages for the previous year and to provide an estimate for the upcoming year so that the WCB can assess your premiums for work injury coverage. If no additional extensions occur, interest will be applied on August 08, 2020. Home wcbs_admin 2020-09-07T14:52:30+02:00 The O blood group is the universal blood group. The WCB recognizes that COVID-19 has affected employers differently.

We also use third-party cookies that help us analyze and understand how you use this website. Stimulus Package Update: Is Time Running Out On A Possible Second Stimulus Check? Read WCB policy, COVID-19 Response – Cost Relief (ADM POL 04/2020). Send professional-looking bills to parents, and streamline billing and cash collection – making light work of bringing in the funds. PAYROLL. Waiving of interest has been extended until July 31, 2020. Most importantly, our payroll software has been fully tested and recognised by HMRC and incorporates features such as Teachers’ Pension returns and automatic enrolment. This includes late filing, under estimate and late registration penalties. Read WCB policy, COVID-19 Response – Cost Relief (ADM POL 04/2020). In some provinces, previous WCB correspondence may also refer to this item as a Firm Number. This number consists of a Transit, Bank ID and Bank Account number. If your school manages commercial initiatives, our Sales Ledger module helps make sense of sales with powerful analysis and reporting. Every employer who has an existing employer account with our office is required to complete and submit the form. Keep track, analyse and process them quickly and accurately. If you don't have a WCB … If cost relief is applied before any costs are charged to the claim, COVID-19 claims will not appear on the employers’ experience reports. This will be automatically applied and employers do not need to call to initiate this process. Assessing measures on a monthly basis allows the WCB to adapt to the evolving situation around the COVID-19 pandemic.

Due to COVID-19, many employers are unable to submit their premium payments. Your employee’s benefits will continue if their return-to-work program has been interrupted due to COVID-19. The following section of this help page describes the various cells and columns shown in the main table on the current program screen. Any cookies that may not be particularly necessary for the website to function and is used specifically to collect user personal data via analytics, ads, other embedded contents are termed as non-necessary cookies. Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Reddit Google+ Tumblr Pinterest Vk Email. This can be done easily with a, You are expected to keep correct payroll estimates. Toll Free:  1-800-667-7590 option 2. Use this cell to specify if the current WCB item will be active for use. Efficiently process grants or bursary applications, helping to reduce workload and maintain charitable status. credit). Visit the CanPay website to view the current WCB Maximum Assessable amount for your province. Interest will be applied on Aug. 8, 2020. WCBS-TV. To provide support to those customers, our collections team is available to design a payment option to meet those needs.

* This feature is planned for an upcoming release * - Available only if the EFT checkbox is enabled, use this column to specify a unique identifier that will identify the EFT transaction origin (i.e. accident costs of that particular industry. Contact Us. While the WCB will no longer provide a blanket waiving of interest beyond July 31, 2020, the WCB remains committed to assisting employers who may be unable to submit payments as they become due. passFINANCE software offers great benefits for HR professionals looking for insights into compliance, payroll or the staff database.

If the claims is accepted as a confirmed work-related COVID-19 claim, you will receive cost relief for all costs associated with the claim. To set up a payment plan, please contact us at collections@wcbsask.com or call 1.800.667.7590 (option 2, then 5) to speak with a collections specialist. Before selecting the button, ensure that you choose the desired province from the drop-down list immediately to the right of the button. You must pay premiums as requested. Discuss their situation with the WCB and determine appropriate payment plan options if they can’t meet predetermined WCB deadlines. WCBS is trusted by hundreds of fee-paying schools, with 40% of ISBA member schools being our customers. Should I pay my 2020 premiums at this time? passFINANCE will improve the billing process, easily maintain stock records and manage margins, and combine with point-of-sale items to provide a complete retail solution.

35 years on, we still provide the leading on-premise finance solution, passFINANCE, and in late 2019 we introduced Cloud Finance as part of our next-generation product offering. © Copyright 2020 Workers' Compensation Board of Saskatchewan, Report a workplace injury by completing an Employer's Report of Injury (E1) form, If an injury occurs, you must report it to the WCB within five days of learning about the injury. Please contact us at collections@wcbsask.com or call 1.800.667.7590 (option 2, then 5) to speak with a collections specialist.

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