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types of concrete houses

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Many types of pre-mixed concrete are available which include powdered cement mixed with an aggregate, needing only water.

“Keep in mind that this is a one-time financial hit but the savings is perpetual.

Concrete Blocks

The insulation and the continuous barrier raise the R-value, or measure of resistance to heat flow, by preventing air leakage. To increase its overall strength, steel rods, wires, mesh or cables can be embedded in concrete before it sets (or laid before the concrete is poured). You can find out about our cookies and how to disable cookies in our Privacy Policy. Different Types of Concrete.

Far from the misconceptions of dark, damp, musty-smelling structures, today’s concrete homes can be designed to stand up to extreme weather, rising heating and cooling costs, and growing noise pollution—and look good doing it. Both may vary greatly in scale and the amount of accommodation provided. Once properly positioned, the walls are connected to the rest of the structure. How can I find out what type of concrete build my house is. 378 Chaiyaphruk Road, Taling Chan, Bangkok 10170, +662-422-9999 Ext 4211 / +662-422-9999 Ext 4078.

Concrete Houses for Hot and Humid Weather, LIVING ASEAN – Inspiring Tropical Lifestyle //. Concrete block house, the modern design for the owner’s parents. It “eliminates all of the problems and headaches of construction,” says Friemoth of Walls Are Us Inc. 4. AL1 3YD. This concrete system is popular in Europe but still relatively unknown in the United Sates.

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With its unique design, each family member has also taken part in adapting their lifestyle to the home design while intervening the multi-purpose space for everyone. Non traditional constructed houses have lots of different names, here are some examples below although it does not list all types of non traditional construction by any means.

Although the house style is modern, but you can let all materials show the raw texture without any decoration. “The biggest misconception is ‘I’m going to live in a cave.’ The reality is if you were to drive past concrete homes, you couldn’t tell any difference. The material has superior fire resistance and, according to PCA’s Thompson, can be molded and cut into precise units.

As an architect I have built several concrete houses but you may not find a local architect who has.

It is an important construction material used extensively in buildings, bridges, roads and dams. Such a specialist Building Survey may cost more than a standard online quote). The cookies collect information in an anonymous form. Epoxy is the largest category due to its increasing use in construction and its superior properties of high impact strength, high vibration resistance, good bonding with concrete and metal surfaces.

The panel and planks are interconnected with plastic or metal ties and the blocks with special grooves or interlocking teeth. Plain or Ordinary Concrete. From visible inspection it can sometimes be impossible to attribute to a specific builder, but this is perhaps not necessary as it is the structure that is actually important rather than the maker.

With tilt-up concrete, the wall panels are also cast, but the casting is done on site.

When these materials are mixed together, they form a workable paste which then gradually hardens over time.

“If an insurance agent understands construction, the savings may even be higher because of disaster, termite, and pest resistance,” says Thompson.

Cookies for this website are disabled. Find more details & cookie settings for your privacy in our Cookie Policy. Able to prevent damage from subterranean termites and dry wood termites. Cookies for this website are disabled. The resulting energy efficiency more than offsets this increase.”.

The blocks they delivered are 8X8x16 as required, but instead of having the two vertical openings in the center, the 8×8 ends of each block are open. This is a list of house types.Houses can be built in a large variety of configurations. Also known as cellular concrete, this is a very 'flowable' material and so can be easily poured by using gravity and is self-levelling. Close.

Smart concrete technology has undergone extensive laboratory testing, but is yet to hit the market. CIOB, NFCC, RIBA, RICS call for changes ahead of Building Safety Bill.

The downstairs can connect with the living room when opening the sliding glass doors that can help extend another useful space, while the upstairs also use the window with the Thai-style awning. Glass Concrete. Its uses range from structural applications, to paviours, kerbs, pipes and drains. Plus, owners of a concrete home typically can save money on their insurance policy because of fire resistance alone. They can be finished to look like any other house on any other street,” says Donn Thompson of the Portland Cement Association.

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