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When that's the case, press Square to fire your weapon. Exactly. The moral of the story... don't rush into battle. R2 Button: The R2 Button has two functions when you're playing as Mark Hammond and DC Carter. Right Analog Stick: The Right Analog Stick has no function in The Getaway. It's better than being torn up by twenty-five bullet simultaneously, though. 3. Not recommended to use for driving, it's just too complicated and annoying. Look around for a place to park your car, or an open building entrance, et cetera. It's up to you to get them to their destination safely, but the police won't make it easy for you! You can shoot behind corners, although you won't be that accurate. playing a Guy Ritchie film, and that's not a bad thing.

And the entire city 1. Hi there! While Add to favourite. Mark Hammond, when coming behind someone and putting them in a headlock, will do one of two things once you press the Square Button. follow IFC.

Note: The gangs in the game all have equal hate for both characters, so they'll both still give you a hard time, regardless of who you're playing for. Start: Pressing the Start button brings up the in-game menu, where the game is not only paused, but you can also scroll your mission objectives, get to your options screen, et cetera. Even the scores when you can. This Isn't America: For our American players out there (like myself), this game, as you know, takes place in London. Cars are abundant in London, ditching one won't hurt too much.

Shellfish Feud Raj attempts to ease the tension between Brockmire and the Crawdaddys' mascot. Please register or login to post a comment. Realistic, dark, and gritty, The Getaway features more than 40 square kilometers of meticulously modeled London streets, in addition to more than 20 real-life interior locations, 22 main characters, and 60 minutes of cinematic narrative. Realistic, dark, and gritty, The Getaway features more than 40 square kilometers of meticulously modeled London streets, in addition to more than 20 real-life interior locations, 22 main characters, and 60 minutes of cinematic narrative. When the car takes enough frontal damage, it'll refuse to drive anymore.
Press the Triangle Button with your weapons away to draw them. With a weapon drawn, you can put a bullet in their head once you press X and have them in a hold.

film Snatch, then you'll know what the game is like as far as style. Healing in battle doesn't exempt you from being shot at/shot. Hold down R1 and then fire your weapon to hit the targeted enemy. for DC Carter), information on weapons and vehicles, some basics to get you But if you smash into something or a car smashes into you in any of the four wheel-wells, you're going to be in trouble, especially with the front two wheels. Everything from gun-shots to … The Getaway is a game often compared to the likes of Grand Theft Auto 3 and

Basically, when your car starts to emit dark black smoke, it's time to stop that car and get out before it (literally) goes up in flames. Select: The Select button has no function in The Getaway.

We suggest to download the Y8 Browser to keep enjoying this content. Battle Tips Fighting is something you'll be doing in The Getaway just as much (if not more) than you will be driving. 2. L2 Button: Pressing the L2 when your gun is out of ammo or almost out of ammo will reload your weapon(s). It is the third title in the Getaway series, following The Getaway: Black Monday. Left Analog Stick: Use the Left Analog Stick to steer your car.

The harder you press up on the Right Analog Stick, the faster your car will go, while pressing back will make your car slow down, eventually to a stop. Mark Hammond and police officer DC Carter as you attempt to bring down the games.

Once your damaged, you'll never be 100%, even if you heal yourself all the way. When both of your blinkers begin to blink simultaneously (like a car's hazard lights), you're in the general vicinity of where you need to go. If your weapons are drawn, then holding R2 will make you point your gun, and then you can aim to where you want to shoot with the Left Analog Stick. Blood: If there's blood on your character, he's been hit at least once. You can only use the Square Button when your weapons are drawn, however, and you have either the R1 Button or R2 Buttons held down.
There's really no way to fully recover once damaged, except dying in a mission and starting over, or getting to another mission. This means that you'll end up in the same place eventually, so the blinker doesn't turn on. Now, to heal yourself, all you have to do is take your character and get him to a surface that's as tall as him or taller.

However, as a police officer, DC Carter can legally commandeer a citizen's car, and answer to no one about it. Heaving Breathing: If your character is breathing heavily or moaning, he's hurting.

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