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You could tell it was overshoot because it appeared a different colour (sometimes darker, sometimes brighter) compared with either the object or background. Cons: Large external power brick A competitive 165Hz performance with decent pixel responsiveness and very low input lag. Colour in games and movies In, This monitor supports G-SYNC via DP 1.2a (DisplayPort), provided that it is connected to a. We used a small tool called SMTT 2.0 and a sensitive camera to compare the AG271QG’s latency to a range of screens where the latency is known. If you select ‘On’, then VSync will enable once the frame rate exceeds the upper limit (ceiling) of G-SYNC operation which is 165Hz/165fps on this particular monitor.

The AG271QG has several external input ports, but also has dedicated USB 3.0 and device-charging ports, making it easy for you to charge your mobile device or transfer data while focused on your gaming session. This certainly didn’t miraculously improve our performance, but it gets details within the environment, other cars and the road looking clearer during movement. We’d advise referring to this section of a video by Tom Petersen if you’re interested in the technology and how it works alongside G-SYNC. Furthermore, G-SYNC can’t correct for other sources of stuttering such as insufficient RAM, network latency or hard drive issues etc.

Some of these imperfections happen to an extent on all ULMB or strobe backlight LCD monitors we’ve tested, however. To check everything is configured properly, open Nvidia Control Panel and navigate to ‘Display – Set Up G-SYNC’.

The final pattern was faint but visible, without the screen surface masking it with an obvious graininess.

But these things are certainly there and we found them quite bothersome. The pulsing creates flicker which can cause eye strain and other discomforts. You can select one of the following; ‘On’, ‘Use the 3D application setting’, ‘Off’ or ‘Fast’ (GPU dependent). In our experience, most users prefer the flexibility of using G-SYNC and setting the monitor to the highest refresh rate it will go (165Hz in this case).

A fairly restrained design with plenty of ergonomic flexibility and some useful ‘additional’ ports like HDMI and USB 3.0 Realtek DCH Modded Audio Driver for Windows 10, Best Overall AIO CPU Cooler for Overclocking 10900K / Upcoming Zen3 5950X. Cons: The customer support has been awful to deal with. ULMB can only be used at specific refresh rates; 85Hz, 100Hz or 120Hz.

As per the UFO Motion test pursuit photographs shown earlier, there is also a significant reduction in the level of perceived blur. User input was translated to action (i.e. Meanwhile ULMB is Nvidia’s excellent backlight-strobing motion blur-reducing technology. ULMB – the technology and activating it Learn More. If it doesn’t, the tearing and juddering (VSync off) or stuttering (VSync on) becomes extremely noticeable and distracting and essentially ‘breaks’ the process.

You probably won't need to change any settings unless you really want to.

We have extensively discussed the G-SYNC experience in many of our monitor reviews in the past and are pleased to confirm that it worked exactly as intended on the AOC AG271QG.

This enables a technology called ‘Fast Sync’, which only applies above the refresh rate and frame rate ceiling (>165Hz/165fps). As with G-SYNC, the power light does not give a colour-based indication that this mode is active.

Lagom contrast tests
The setting provides a much stronger effect than simply manually setting the blue colour channel to this value, though, so it seems to just be a quirk in the system. The gamma wasn’t spot on ‘2.2’ but tracked nicely at ‘2.3’ without any huge deviations – for the intended purposes of the monitor this was certainly preferable to the washed-out alternatives that many 144Hz+ models provide with much lower average gamma and further weaknesses due to colour inconsistencies. We noticed no negative consequences in doing so with our unit, which is why we used this refresh rate for most of our testing. Regardless of which VSync setting you select, the monitor behaves in exactly the same way where the frame rate dips below the floor of operation (i.e. These AHVA panels are used on a relatively small number of models currently, including the ViewSonic XG2703-GS.

Again, I have to reiterate that this is not okay for a $700 monitor. By increasing graphics settings or perhaps finding more graphically taxing situations in the game, there were times when the frame rate fell further.
What we can do right now is have a replacement power adapter expedited to you today. The common traits include a solid metal stand, a black frame with a slight faux brushed metal affect to the bottom bezel, and a matt black plastic rear with a large V-shaped red plastic panel running across it.

Light elements stood out quite nicely against darker surroundings, although there was some ‘AHVA glow’ (‘IPS glow’) as expected which ate away at some of the detail near the corners of the screen. A fairly restrained design with plenty of ergonomic flexibility and some useful ‘additional’ ports like HDMI and USB 3.0

Although we didn’t specifically capture pursuit photographs with the dark cyan background, we certainly observed performance there and analysed such transitions more broadly. There was a bit of extra trailing and hence perceived blur compared to fast TN models like the Dell S2716DG, but a huge decrease in perceived blur compared to even the fastest 60Hz LCDs. As with all monitors there are weaknesses, and on this model there is the inescapable ‘AHVA glow’ and fair potential of moderate backlight bleed to contend with. Good balance with some minor OSD tweaking, with strong colour richness and consistency aided by panel type, generous (but not excessive) colour gamut and light matte screen surface This allows one to capture and compare the motion performance on monitors in a way which reflects not just the pixel behaviour of the screen but also the influence of eye (camera) movement. In doing so, refresh rate and frame rate mismatches are avoided, eliminating the stuttering (VSync on) or tearing and juddering (VSync off) that would usually occur. Although not featured here, 120Hz is similar to 144Hz in this respect.

Sometimes to 80fps or lower. G-SYNC also did its thing and got rid of troublesome tearing, juddering and stuttering caused by the traditional frame rate and refresh rate mismatches. 165Hz again provided an advantage over 144Hz on this monitor, albeit a fairly slender one. This allows users to connect devices such as games consoles to the monitor and run it at 1920 x 1080 (Full HD).

The greyscale gradient appeared very smooth, without obvious banding or dithering.

Gamma 'Test Settings' There was a subtle red tinted striping to text towards the extreme flanks of the screen. The purple block appeared lilac throughout the screen, with just a little bit of a pink hue in the extreme corners of the screen. Jumping up from 60Hz to 100Hz made a huge difference to us in the fluid feel and look to the game, with a slight bump up at 120Hz and then another step up at 144Hz. As these sorts of frame rates there was a little bit of overshoot for some of the darker transitions, similar to what was shown in the UFO Motion test for ghosting in the previous section.

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