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hard words

What makes difficult words difficult is the fact that they are hard to write, say, or understand. Here are some awesome old-fashioned words we don’t use anymore—but should! However, this is a useful guideline to demonstrate your command of the English language. This will help you improve your writing skills. Correct spelling is crucial, particularly if you are a writer. To persuade someone with gentle coaxing or flattery. But, alas, the final syllables of “ingenious” are not spelled like “genius.” It dates back to a Latin word, ingeniosus, meaning “natural disposition.” Just like spelling “ingenious” and these other hardest words to spell correctly, using these words will make you sound smart. Needless to say, this word has modernized, as now it can describe everything from ski gear to musical amplifiers to cell phone chargers. Please tell us where you read or heard it (including the quote, if possible). A show of being morally superior to others. To charm someone, often in a deceptive manner. (We have his hammer-wielding son Thor to thank for Thursday!) language Lists News Words FACEBOOK 0 Synonyms & Antonyms of hard

Or, you can use writing editors with spell checkers like INK or Grammarly. The ability to make sound and quick decisions. Or something like that. Gender. What made you want to look up hard? The plant, whose flowers give the name to the color, was named after esteemed German botanist Leonhard Fuchs. “Pacify,” “clarify,” “specify,” “rectify”…virtually every other word that follows this spelling pattern uses the “-ify” suffix. It bears no linguistic relation to “mini” or “miniature” but actually comes from the Latin minus, meaning “less.” Luckily, there’s a trick to help you remember how to spell “minuscule”—and these other 15 commonly misspelled words. Nope, it’s not “mini-scule,” no matter how much logic would suggest.

And if you wrought something, you were considered a wright. For instance, where Americans use the word “incomprehensible,” Australians might use “confusing.” Swedes might use “ugly,” while the British could use “rude.”.

Instead of adding a letter like in the case of “orangutan,” people pronouncing this already-tricky word tend to skip over the second “r” altogether. Attracting attention by means of pretentious display, gaudiness, or obviousness. Let’s be honest: This word is actually hard for native English-speaking Americans to pronounce too.

The key to partying is being kind and resilient. Hide 3 More Examples Hide 4 More Examples. The words difficult and hard can be used in similar contexts, but difficult implies the presence of obstacles to be surmounted or puzzles to be resolved and suggests the need of skill or courage. Even if you’ve got them straight, you may still second-guess yourself about the consonants, too. Here's what happened, with pronunciation tips. When using these words, always pay attention to what you’re saying and how you’re saying it. People in some English-speaking areas might have difficulty with one or two of these words, while others have none.

However, the husband read and say it differently, so it caused confusion. Or, they might have deep meanings. As it turns out, “gubernatorial” is actually much closer than “governor” to the origin of the word. While “recommend” only has one “c,” “accommodate” has two of both consonants. There are some words that are more appropriate in daily conversation. While all three words mean "demanding great exertion or effort," hard implies the opposite of all that is easy.

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