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duplicate pan card

Let us tell you all that this is the last phase of a duplicate PAN Card application form.

The digitally signed e-PAN card will be sent to this e-mail id. Now, after that, there is a page where you should enter all changed PAN Card data there. An application can be filed to the Income Tax Department which will then issue the duplicate document to the individual. Here, you will have to make payment for duplicate PAN Card application form. To surrender the duplicate PAN card, you shall visit the website “incometax.intelnetglobal.com” and fill the following details: You will receive an acknowledgment in the form of a 15 digit number after the form is complete. And, sometimes it happens that we lost our PAN Card due to some reasons. The PAN card is one of the vital documents and also used as an identity document. In case, the PAN card of an individual becomes inaccessible, s/he can apply for a duplicate PAN card. Here is the link to download duplicate PAN Card: Application Form of Duplicate PAN Card. If an applicant belongs or lives other than India or foreign, then duplicate PAN Card Form processings fee would be of Rs.1020/- with all tax. You can apply for duplicate PAN card if you have lost PAN card or it has been faded .

If not, then it should be punishable. There may still be cases where more than one PAN is issued to an individual. Although, the whole process of applying for it may get very difficult and tedious because first, they have to file an FIR.

You shall also file a  copy of the card that you wish to surrender along with the application to surrender. Thereafter, click on “apply online” which gives several instances for applying for a. If you have more than 1 PAN card bearing different details on the same, you shall immediately surrender your duplicate PAN card. The application fee for duplicate PAN card is Rs. Parent’s Name (Both father and mother name), Applicant Name as mentioned on an Aadhaar Card. Now, tap on the next option and check again all details very properly. Now, for replacement of a PAN Card, start entering all your PAN Card information such as PAN Card number.

You must apply for a duplicate PAN card when you have lost, damaged, misplaced, stolen or need to change information on your PAN card. Every citizen can easily download an e-PAN Card by just visiting an official website of PAN Card i.e NSDL website.

When you will do all entry, then there is an acknowledgment which will be shown on your computer screen. Reason would not be only lost but some people PAN Card get damaged, stolen, and misplaced.
Surrendering Duplicate PAN Card. Steps to Online application for a Duplicate PAN Card: Payment for Application of Duplicate PAN Card, Procedure to surrender Duplicate PAN Card online, Procedure to surrender Duplicate PAN Card offline. PMO Email ID As we already know the fact that according to the government rules & regulations, every citizen has only PAN Card and one PAN Card which is governed by the government and should be legal. Step 3 – This acknowledgement slip will act as a proof of cancellation of your duplicate PAN card. The Income Tax Department issues this card which also serves as proof of identity. There is a higher chance of theft from a pocket or wallet. This has to be done after complete form. Details of Duplicate PAN that you will surrender.

Important Documents are Applicant Birth Date Proof as an Identity Proof and Aadhaar Card as an Address Proof. After the address, now enter the information of contact and email ID of an applicant.

After getting a token number, now tap on the continue button. Now, here start entering all your information as asked in the form such as PAN number, Aadhaar Card number (for all individuals), birth date, GSTN (optional), tick all rules, and fill captcha code. Scanned copies of photograph, signature, and other documents will be required to be uploaded, and the details of the application will have to be authenticated by OTP. They require an authorized signatory to do the same for them. Due to this reason, every citizen can be used to make a new Duplicate PAN Card. PAN is a 10 digit alphanumeric number issued in form of a laminated card to every person who applies for it. Continue filing the application. Step 4 – Individual applicants are required to attach 2 of their passport sized photographs and cross-sign the photo without covering the face with the sign. Here we will discuss all important information related to a. information. The terms like re print of PAN card and re-issue of PAN card are same .

After login, now there is an online replacement form that appeared on your computer screen. Step 8 – Make the payment to generate the acknowledgement slip with a 15-digit number. Thereafter, select the “apply” tab and select “application type” as provided in the options therein followed by selecting the category. government website for further proceedings. sadi anudan After getting fifteen digit reference number, you will be able to verify your duplicate PAN application form status using an online website. This whole process is very long and time is taken procedure.

110 for resident Indians and Rs. If somehow your PAN Card has been stolen, then don’t worry about it. (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); A duplicate PAN card can be used in cases where the original PAN card has been lost, damaged, or misplaced. Consists of any Partner of the LLP or Firm. The duplicate PAN card will be sent to you by the department within two weeks of receiving its application. Situations in which an individual can apply for a duplicate PAN card are if the original document is: The authorized signatory for applying for a duplicate PAN card varies depending on the entity. So, every citizen needs not to worry about it because the government has started an online facility to get renew your PAN Card easily. So, from that website, it will not be guaranteed to provide you a number of services. After the verification is complete, your PAN Card shall arrive in 2 weeks. So, some people may go through to apply for a new PAN Card. 1,020 for non-resident Indians. Now, fix your passport size photograph on it and recheck again. Now, if any applicant wants to apply for a new PAN Card, then everyone needs to submit or show an Aadhaar card information along with an application form. You are required to make payment through demand draft, debit/ credit card after completing the form. Filled Information should be correct. Those assessing officers who will provide you an acknowledgment number, make sure hand over that letter to that office because it works as proof that submission of a PAN card is being canceled by you. All those whose income is taxable under the Income Tax Act, 1961 are required to acquire a PAN Card. If there is a use of thumb impression other than any signature, then it must be going through the procedure of verification by any Magistrate, Gazetted Officer, and Notary Public below the government seal, and official stamp.

You can make payment online by using a credit card, debit card, and even net banking procedure. In this manner, every citizen can check the status of their PAN verification process.

Details for checkbox are: Now, after submitting the form while uploading all required documents, then automatically website takes to you on the payment webpage.

Step 2 – Speed post the letter or submit it to the assessing officer and receive an acknowledgement slip.

Acknowledgment number should be of fifteen digit number. Firstly, visit an official website of financial services which is given as follows. After the full procedure, the acknowledgment will be shown to you on your computer or laptop screen. Now, the application form of every candidate should be submitted to the Income-tax PAN service department. The authorized signatories of different entities are as follows: The application for a duplicate PAN card can be filed online and offline.

Steps are as follows: I hope you will understand this article very well and are ready to take benefit from it. Pulkit is a veteran CA with over 10+ of experience. It’s easier to obtain a duplicate PAN card than most other documents in India. Now, after payment, every applicant should get an acknowledgment number. Submission of form digitally with the help of an e-KYC and e-sign. Thereafter, when after such re-application, he now retains 2 PAN cards, he shall surrender one of them. TNREGINER Registration [e-KYC] Duplicate PAN Card, Renew Damaged PAN Card, Different ways to Download PAN (e-PAN) Card online, Duplicate PAN Card Application Form Information, Process of applying for Offline Duplicate PAN Card, Reasons why do we need a Duplicate PAN Card, Here we will discuss the various ways from which we can download e-PAN Card through an online facility. A valid e-mail address will be required to avail an e-PAN card. will recheck your form and make sure that every detail should be very correct and then provide you a reference number having a 15 digit number. So, this number is used to track a PAN Card Application Form. A PAN card is really important, but on occasion, people end up losing their PAN card. After submitting all details, now fill the captcha code in the provided area. Here is all the important information as given in the duplicate PAN Card application form. Income Certificate Form

You can open or download e-PAN by entering an acknowledgment number along with birth date as mentioned on their PAN Card. This whole process is very long and time is taken procedure. Here we discuss all-important personal information of an applicant that has to be filled while filling an application form. Now, read all reasons very carefully. So, for this reason, some people can apply for a, . After the FIR process, a request for duplicate PAN Card or reprint would be sent to the various NSDL PAN Center
In the duplicate PAN card process all details in the PAN card remains same unless you specifically request for change in personal particulars.

The following topics have been discussed in this article: Permanent Account Number (PAN) card is a mandatory document required to pay taxes in India.

For this, you have to visit an official website of NSDL then tap on Know your PAN link over there. The following steps can be followed to surrender a PAN: Step 1 – Address a letter to the assessing officer by providing details such as full name, date of birth, PAN card details of the one you are retaining, and PAN card details of the one you are surrendering. It shall be issued to every Indian Citizen. The first step you need to do is to visit the official website Tax Information Network of Income Tax Department. As it is not possible for every candidate to know the facility of the internet, so they go through the offline process. Step 1 – Download and Print the Form “Request for New PAN Card or/and Changes or Correction in PAN Data”, Step 2 – Fill the application using a black pen in BLOCK letters.

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