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Or you can navigate to it by going to “All Programs”, then “Accessories” and selecting the “Command Prompt”.

While the middle of the room/house is best, it is not always practical. A hybrid uses two different motors to provide power to the wheels. If your router doesn’t have this option, look into replacing the firmware with an open-source alternative like DD-WRT or Tomato. Unfortunately I didn’t have any on hand, so I just went with the thickest stuff I had on hand. Optimize the Frequency Band: Depending on the frequency band your router is operating off of, you may get interference from other sources that are operating on the same frequency. Get a Wireless Range Extender. A hybrid has the same efficiency problem as an ICE, the ICE has to be efficient across a wide powerband and has to be able to move the vehicle across a wide powerband. Trim off the edges of the foil so it matches the shape of the cardboard. …although I’d prefer the ICE not be on a trailer behind the car. This means your wifi will get stronger in one direction but weaker in the opposite direction. Bend the circular cutout in half so that the two “+” slits are directly over each other. The size difference probably has something to do with the results, but we’d say either one is a good choice.

Try to get the struts as close to perpendicular as you can to the panel. Place a sheet of aluminum foil on top of the fresh glue and press firmly. Smear a thin layer of glue on the side of the reflector cutouts that don’t have the templates printed on them. My '99 TL is rated at 225 HP, and she will get up and go when you put your foot in it. Figured it out one day, the locomotive pulling a load at 3 gallons per mile would be the equivalent of some 450 semis that would have to get around 60MPG each to move the same weight the same distance. Try not to bend the nubs or you will make things more difficult for yourself. Is anyone building a controller that would interface to a range extender internal combustion engine? The system I envision would have no connection between the ICE and the wheels other than a current carrying wire.[/QUOTE]. TECH WRITER, PRIVACY ADVOCATE AND VPN EXPERT. In this tutorial, I will build and test two popular designs for DIY wifi extenders. How does that save gas, using a gas motor to generate electric power?

My thinking is that it would take less petrofuel to provide electrical power for an electric motor to move a car than it does for an ICE to do so.

… not including any charge you might have had from being plugged in. Fewer people operating on a band means less interference and greater wifi range. We recorded the signal strength in decibel-milliwatts (dBm) and the distance at which the signal dropped below -80 dBm and became unusable from outside the house. Easily remove it for short trips ! Range is what is keeping the EV from being a major hit right now, and if an ICE generator powered EV can be made to work well and save fuel, it would help matters all the way around by extending our petrol resources, cutting pollution, and bridging the ICEV to the EV. This is where your antenna will poke through, and it serves as the focal point for all those radio waves. This will be the reflector panel. I would like to do a conversion now with limited battery capacity (to save money on the cost of the batteries) but still get better than the average 19 MPG my '99 Acura TL gets now. Then cut the foil to match the shape of the cardboard. If you put a hitch on the rear of your EV, you could put one of the hitch buddy’s in it - that 2’ x 4’ platform. The key is that the reflectors need to made of something… well, reflective. Just use caution, as flashing the wrong firmware or flashing improperly could permanently brick the router. Be patient. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. This will also allow the ICE to idle with out spinning the EV Motor, since the converter doesn’t lock up until the ICE spins about 1300 rpm . Keep working at it until they’re all attached to the reflector. With all the materials in hand, you can make either of these extenders in about 20 minutes. Say your electric motor has regen. So the car will be faster. I would suggest scaling it down a bit.

The vehicle they have been testing the Range Extender on is the Fiat 500E which has a range of 87 Miles (140 km) in its factory form. I did find this: These results are not particularly scientific and are just meant to give you an idea of what to expect. You should notice an increase in range and strength of your wifi signal in the direction that the parabola is pointed.

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