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When you finally do apply for colleges, they will want to know what you did with your free time during the prime of your life. You want your adviser to know you well and to keep on top of requirements for you, alerting you if you’re missing something or reminding you what classes you need to take. Colleges can plausibly influence how students behave in classroom buildings, but they have a far weaker position outside class. Now, college administrators are pondering how they will reboot this fall. Career counseling can be invaluable in helping you find internships and employment. Conducting the search will help inform your ideas about what you want to study and what you want to gain from your college experience. They will also have literature and resources for you, including reviews of different colleges and academic programs. You want research to be a major part of your education. While this won't preclude you from academic success, such an important decision should probably undergo a higher level of scrutiny. They meet over coffee, go to parties and bars, pair off on dates and congregate in crowded dorms. One offers all the majors on your list, the other doesn't. In addition, public colleges are facing sharp cuts from state governments coping with plunging tax receipts. Others simply have their own concerns, especially when it comes to finances, but have difficulty being a constructive part of the process. Some colleges and universities have an active alumni network. Start general and, as you learn more about yourself and your range of options, get more and more specific. Fordham University started off its life as St. John’s College, a distinctly Catholic institution; this was back in 1841, when it was based solely at its Rose Hill campus in the Bronx. Think of the type of school as your broadest level of criteria. After all, colleges have struggled for years to prevent alcohol abuse and other risky behaviors on campus. You don’t mind being taught by teaching assistants instead of your professor. Another option is to start out at one type of school and only take your general education (gen ed) courses that will transfer to other schools. The more input you have, the more informed your decision will be.

Nestled between rivers, mountains, and a rocky coastline—we’re all about beautiful contrasts. We love technology and nature, abstract art and discrete mathematics. Do you want to live in student dorms or find your own apartment? Some students with the financial means even schedule a second campus visit. You'll want to do plenty of research and weigh all the factors described above before devoting too much time to this topic. Does a party campus sound like a fun part of the college experience or just a distraction? Throughout the country, students who do return will find a transformed campus. The campus and the class sizes will be smaller, and the overall college experience is usually much more intimate. Just four of 640 recruits tested positive for the coronavirus when they arrived this spring — but within a few weeks, more than a hundred were infected. This can be especially attractive if you haven't settled on a major or are looking to pursue an interdisciplinary major. This is not a tradition in the United States, so you want to make sure you do something productive with your time. This ensures that your degree will be recognized by employers and other institutions of higher education. “The Latinx ARC gave me familiar faces that I would run into all over campus because of all of our different majors and interests. Ducks dive into research to find answers to some of humanity’s biggest questions. Take it step by step.

Many colleges stay small so they can specialize in liberal arts education or even a certain discipline within liberal arts. Your voices have again challenged us to address systematic racism. You feel confident that you’ll be able to find your own community to feel a part of so you don’t get lost in the crowd. You don't want to see people you recognize everywhere you go. prohibits discrimination on the basis of race, color, sex, national or ethnic origin, age, A college that is active in this field will have this information readily available. Do some online research of your own. You love sports and want to cheer on your team at big games. And a big public university can be located in a small town (these are often the party schools). Below are some important factors to consider when choosing a college. Huge lecture halls built for hundreds can safely hold a few dozen, scattered among rows of empty seats. The real question is, what type of education do you want? You can investigate academic departments more thoroughly and carefully select a school that's a perfect fit for you. If you’ve done your research and visited schools but you still can’t decide what is right for you, a good option is to choose a large school that has smaller branch campuses. on the statement of non-discrimination. Many students don't give the process enough time or thoughtful consideration. We will highlight ways we are keeping focused on this critical mission throughout the year. There are so many education options out there, and they all require a substantial financial investment. You want all of your classes and other campus facilities to be very close to your dorm or apartment. The president of the State University of New York at Oneonta, where more than 700 students tested positive for the virus.

This is a simple question, but the answer rarely is. You will have to choose a different major or transfer schools, which can be costly and extend your college career. UO If they are successful and happy, ask them about their college experience.

Even if it means it takes you a little bit longer to finish school, an extra year or two is worth it if it makes you happy and means you’re better able to figure out the rest of your life. The university canceled in-person classes after an off-campus superspreader event triggered more than 100 positive tests among students. You want everyone to recognize the name of your school when you tell them where you go. It has become very common, not just for affordability. “I wanted to learn how to develop the resources to make a difference in these types of communities.”, —Roderick Hall, MCRP ’20 (Community and Regional Planning). Academic quality and faculty go hand in hand. Obviously you want well-qualified teachers, but you also want personal attention. Selecting the best college is the student's decision, and it's important that he or she sits in the driver's seat. To minimize student travel, many schools are compressing the academic calendar and eliminating breaks. What’s it like on a campus where the entire student body is supposed to quarantine. Contact information, related policies, and complaint procedures are listed Publications like U.S. News & World Report have their own criteria for determining rankings. Consider the problems in Fort Benning, Ga., where the Army trains recruits. Bring other people into the process, including parents, other family members, teachers, friends, college officials and college graduates. Remember Geographic Location? Some parents are overbearing and practically make the decision for their child. If you've been considering all the factors listed above and have a general idea of what you want to study, you shouldn't have too many surprises. She will want to apply to larger research universities that have the resources for engineering, as well as other technical and scientific fields. College is an especially smart choice during a terrible job market. The California State University system plans to keep the education of its nearly half a million students online. Academic quality is further down on this list, but not because it is less important. The ARC connected me with staff and faculty of color and emphasized the importance of having representation in your role models.”, —Kyra Marcela González, Class of 2022, Global Studies and Spanish major. Once you apply it with other factors, described below, your options will become clearer.

Whether you want to start your own firm or join a Fortune 500 company, our Lundquist College of Business will give you the hands-on experience to get there—fast. This will help you judge whether or not a college will help you meet your goals in life.

Colleges will have to look very different this fall if they are to avoid accelerating the pandemic. Remember, a small and cozy school can still be located in a big, bustling city. So does California’s community college system, which enrolls two million students. As stated above, you want to have some sort of plan for your academic career. Hopefully you have given some thought not only to where you would like to go, but where you can afford to go.

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